Club History

Officially established 1892 (There is evidence of a match in 1889 against Hastings which was reported in The Mornington Standard).
1900’s: The original ground was in Grant Road near where Ritchies currently stands. The Peninsula Cricket Association was form with Hastings, Mornington, Frankston, Tyabb and Somerville. Games were played on matting. The Eagles won our first premiership in 1913/14.
1920’s: The Eagles moved to Jones Road. In 1922/23 the competition was divided in to the Northern and Southern Association with Somerville in the former. In 1922/23 Somerville defeated Mornington to won both A and B grade flags.
1930’s: There were regular finals appearances during this period. H. Thornell, W. Gomm and G. Gomm were selected to represent the Mornington Peninsula in Country Week with Thornell being elected Captain. A strong Eagles team won another flag in the mid 1930’s.

1940’s: War interrupted the competition until 1946. Malthoid was introduced as the new pitch.

 1950’s: Decade of much success with Premierships in NPCA B Grade 1954/55, U16’s 1957/58, Seniors 1954/55 and 1955/56. It was the commencement of a very strong and competitive era for The Eagles.

1960’s: Somerville won the 1960/61 Premiership. In the NPCA we had 2 teams play against each other. In 1965 the Northern and Southern Associations amalgamated to form the Mornington Peninsula Cricket Association (MPCA). Somerville was placed in District.

1970’s: The growth in the town saw the formation of a 3rd XI, who played at Fruit Growers Reserve. Under the guidance of Frank Hogan a Premiership was won in 1974/75. Promotion to Provincial was attained and resulted in semi final appearances in 1975/76 and 1979/80. Shaun Graf embarked on a career that would see him represent Australia.

1980’s: 1st XI semi final appearances in 1982/83 and 1986/87. Provincial 2nd XI flag in 1987/88. More Senior XI teams established with H Grade Premiers in 1986/87. Junior teams expanded which contributed to greater success in the Senior ranks.

1990’s: Started in District, relegated to Sub-District in 1993/94. Won 1996/97 Premiership and gained promotion back to District. U14’s won 1990/91.

2000’s: Major period of growth and success. Multiple Premierships in Senior and Junior ranks. Promotion to Provincial and success in this grade for the 2nd XI, winning a Premiership in 2003/04.

2010’s: A quiet start turned to a thunderstorm of success in 2013/14 with 3 Premierships won across the club. The 2014/15 season resulted in a 1st XI flag and 2 junior flags followed in 2015/16 for the U14 and U16 boys. The 2nd XI win back-to-back Peninsula 2nd Premierships in 2017/18 and 2018/19.

2020’s: The year of the ‘Corona Virus’ thwarted the club’s 1st XI attempt to bring home a flag in season 2019/20. They were due to play against Red Hill in the Grand Final after finishing 2nd on the ladder. The season was a success with 4 out of 5 Senior teams making finals. A premiership was collected in this season by the U12’s. In season 2020/21 the 3rd XI capped off a ladder topping season by taking out the premiership at Jones Road. The quest at The Nest continues!!!! 

Club Premierships

Seniors A Grade 1913/14
A Grade 1922/23
B Grade 1922/23
A Grade 1935/36
Premier 1954/55
Premier 1955/56
Premier 1960/61
 District 1st 1974/75
 District 2nd 1974/75
H Grade 1986/87
Provincial 2nd 1987/88
H Grade 1992/93
Sub District 1st 1996/97
District 2nd 2000/01
District 1st 2002/03
Provincial 2nd 2003/04
C2 Grade 2004/05
A2 Grade 2008/09
District 2nd 2013/14
B2 Grade 2014/14
District 1st 2014/15
Peninsula 2nd 2017/18
Peninsula 2nd 2018/19
A2 Grade 2020/21
U16 1957/58
U16 West 1973/74
U14 Central 1990/91
U15 East 2004/05 U17
Provincial 2005/06
 U13 East 2007/08
U17 District 2007/08
U17 Provincial 2008/09
 U13 Peninsula 2009/10
U17 Premier 2010/11
U16 Sub-Premier 2014/14
U14 Provincial 2015/16
U16 Sub-Premier 2015/16
U12 Central 2019/20 

MPCA Best Player Award Recipients

Mark Brittain – Wally Wedgewood Medal – Provincial 1985/86
Mark Brittain – Wally Wedgewood Medal – Provincial 1986/87
Mark O’Sullivan – Robert Thompson Medal – Sub District – 1996/97
Jayde Herrick – John Hille Medal – Peninsula – 2017/18