Code of conduct


Code of Conduct 2021/22
Background: Established in 1892, Somerville Cricket Club has a reputation for being a respected and successful club in the 36 team Mornington Peninsula Cricket Association. We have a reputation for being a family orientated and inclusive club, fielding 6 Senior, 6 Junior and 2 female teams in the current season.
This Code of Conduct applies to all players, team officials and supporters and extends to training, match days and official club functions.
Training and Team Selection: Players should:
• attend all scheduled training sessions whenever possible. If unable to attend, players should notify the Senior Coach, Team Captain, President or a member of the Match Committee before training commences
• wear appropriate clothing including a Somerville CC match day shirt, (white) or one day shirt, (yellow) tracksuit bottom, (blue) shorts, (blue) and appropriate footwear
• Display a positive and professional approach to training as directed by the Senior Coach and Captain, delegated players or officials and/or net co-ordinators
• Advise the Team Captain Senior Coach and Captain of unavailability for selection as early as possible and if possible organise a replacement.
• Play in the designated team as selected by the match committee and in the best interests of the club
Players should not:
• Attend training while under the influence of alcohol or drugs or smoke within the Sports Precinct
• Abuse or vilify a team mate, club official or supporter. (if an issue arises, players are encouraged to work through the issue in a logical manner and seek mediation if necessary.)
Match Day Standards: 
Players should:
• Arrive at the match day venue at the time specified by the team Captain, unless personal circumstances prevent this from happening or other arrangements have been made
• Wear appropriate club uniform which features club sponsors. Players should present in a professional manner, with clean clothing, appropriate footwear and sanctioned Somerville caps/white floppy hat
• Wherever possible, assist team mates and club officials by setting and cleaning up
• Play in a competitive manner that will position Somerville CC in the best possible way
• Attend the Social Rooms after the match to socialise with team mates, opposition players and supporters and participate in after match awards as scheduled unless there is a valid reason
Players should not:
• Arrive on match day while under the influence of alcohol or drugs or smoke within the Sports Precinct. Alcohol should be consumed responsibly and in moderation after the game in accordance with the “Good Sports” policy.
Somerville CC Players and Officials should develop harmonious relationships with:
Umpires by:
• Making every effort to communicate in a friendly, receptive manner, both prior to, during and after the game
• Accepting the Umpire’s decision, whether they are paid or not. (it is reasonable to question a decision in a fair and controlled way and once explained, move on)
• Refraining from excessive appealing with the intention of unduly influencing the umpire’s decision
• Refraining from verbal or physical abuse
• Ensuring that score books are up-dated and that team sheets and match reports are completed accurately
• Encouraging them to attend our social rooms
       Opposing Teams by:
• Playing good, hard, competitive cricket in all grades with the emphasis on fairness and in maintaining the reputation of our club at all times
• Refraining from the use of crude or abusive language, (sledging) offensive gestures or actions that deliberately distract or humiliate an opponent. Note: MPCA rules stipulate that an audible obscenity attracts a mandatory 2 match suspension and that Captains are responsible for the behavior of individual players.
• Refraining from racially abusive, gender or homophobic comments or actions
• Refraining from encouraging or initiating violence against opposition players, officials or supporters
• Win, lose or draw, shaking hands with opposing team members at the conclusion of the match
• Encouraging opposing team members to visit our social rooms after the day’s play.
       Team Mates by:
• Respecting the fact that individual players have different abilities and goals
• Encouraging them to participate to the best of their ability
• Refraining from abusing, sledging, insulting or humiliating them. eg. mis-fields or dropped catches
• Making a genuine effort to attend and support scheduled club functions.
       Supporters by:
• Encouraging them to participate in club activities and valuing their contribution to the fabric of our club
• Making a genuine effort to attend and support scheduled club functions.
       Social Media:
Somerville CC has two Facebook sites. The closed Facebook site currently has 145 participants. It’s purpose is to advertise/promote cricket related activities including training/match fixtures, clothing orders, club events and announcements, etc. The committee encourages the site to be primarily used for these purposes.
The club Facebook page is designed to advertise/promote more general club activities which may include social events, fund raising activities, sponsor profiling, Milo cricket, etc. The committee has decided that access will be limited to committee members. Players and supporters can make a post in consultation with a member of the committee.
The preceding standards in relation to the behaviour towards umpires, opposing teams, team mates and supporters also applies to social media.
Somerville Cricket Club recognises that social media including Facebook, Messenger, Twitter and other media have become an integral part of communicating between members of our club and also personnel from other clubs.
Players, team officials and supporters should use social media for positive purposes. At all times, people connected to our club should refrain from using social; media to:
• Bring into question the good standing and reputation of our club
• Compromise club operations or breach matters of confidentiality
• Abuse, humiliate or malign club personnel, opposition team members, officials and supporters, umpires or members of the MPCA Board and Administration.
Note: The MPCA has strict protocols in relation to improper use of social media and substantial penalties apply.
In the event of a player, official or supporter bringing into question the reputation of Somerville Cricket Club, the Executive Committee or personnel as appointed will follow the following process:
• Issue an apology (written or verbal) within a specified time
• Issue a reprimand and a warning in relation to future conduct
• Suspend a player’s right to be considered for selection, an official to have a position/responsibility withdrawn or a supporter excluded from club activities
• Suspend membership for a duration that is commensurate with the issue at the discretion of the adjudicating panel
• Terminate membership permanently.
   Note: The MPCA encourages constituent clubs to be pro-active in dealing with breaches of rules. The failure of a club to address behavioural standards will invariably lead to more severe sanctions.
Appeal Procedure:
Any player(s) who has been penalised will have the right to appeal to the Executive Committee. (President, Vice President(s) Treasurer and Secretary as appointed at the AGM.
The decision of the Executive Committee will be final.